Cream 2 in 1 Electric Melt & Candle Warmer


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These melt warmers are a great way to fragrance your home, plus they come with a FREE 6 cube soy wax melt pack!

A clever and easy-to-use alternative to oils. Simply pop one of our handmade scented natural soy wax melts into the top of a melter and relax as an opulent fragrance is gently diffused through your home.

Electric melt warmers are a great, flame free, alternative to the traditional T-Light style warmers.  With a built in heat plate, there is no need to worry about changing globes, simply switch on and enjoy!

This great design allows for the top melt dish to be removed, revealing the heat plate. Candles can then be placed directly on this to allow them to be warmed from the bottom up – A fantastic way to use up that last centimeter of un-burnt wax at the end of your favourite candle – no waste!

Each pack of melts contains 6 cubes of scented wax. Each cube will give you 10-15 hours of fragrance, that’s over 60 hours of fragrance from one pack!

A full description of our fragrances available can be found here.

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Aloe Agave, Australian Bush, Autumn Harvest, Clean Cotton, Coconut Lime, French Pear, Gardenia, Green Tea & Ginger, Japanese Honeysuckle, Lavender, Cucumber & Sage, Leather & Oudh, Lemongrass & Lime, Lotus Flower, Lychee & Guava, Orange Grove, Pink Lychee, Pomegranate Champagne, Pure Musk, Rose Victorian, Sandalwood, Vanilla Caramel, Watermelon Lemonade


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